Duties - Sets forth all job standards, is proficient in computers and HUD software. Prepares all monthly vouchers and is responsible for accuracy of reports and strict adherence to HUD regulations. Periodically reviews tenant files, makes semi-annual inspections of all units, and provides system to keep check on all equipment and supplies. Attends and helps conduct Board of Directors meetings for Optimist Club; reviews minutes for accuracy. Will initiate house rules/regulations for residents, and submit same to HUD for approval, settles disputes between residents and/or on-site staff. Directs marketing programs and reviews operating costs. Trains staff members and adheres to company policies/procedures. Performs written evaluations of employees. Makes bank deposits. Supervises contractors working on property. Attends to move-ins and move-outs. Provides a clean, safe, and well-maintained community. Works within budget. Inspects property and improvements. Reports accidents and emergency situations to Board of Directors. Supervises maintenance/office personnel and maintains a clean/well-organized office. Maintains good curb appeal.

Darlene Wissing, Administrator


Duties - Follows policies/procedures of management. Completes certification/re-certification interview for each resident annually. Assists in the signing of documents as required by HUD. Collects rent/follow with proper procedures for delinquent accounts. Purchases office supplies in accordance with company policy. Keeps record of supplies. Records work orders for maintenance issues/maintains work order logs. Ensures work orders are processed according to company policy. Maintains all filing. Assists in supervision of contractors working on property. Works with residents/resident organizations. Works with the Owner/Sponsor when required. Reports any and all accidents/emergency situations to Administrator immediately/prepares reports. Must be proficient with computers and HUD software and assists Administrator when needed. Inspects property/improvements and reports any issues to Administrator. Studies and continually evaluates ways to improve services/facilities. Adheres to all maintenance/purchasing directives of the Administrator. Performs other duties deemed appropriate by the Administrator

Cindy Nagle, Administrative Assistant

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Duties - Maintenance reports to and receives instructions from administrator/administrative assistant. Performs work while preventing injury to himself/herself and others. Must be able to work alone with a minimum of supervision. Must maintain friendly/cooperative attitude with residents /management. Must comply with policies/operational procedures. Performs necessary routine and preventative maintenance/minor repairs to electrical/mechanical equipment. Performs necessary maintenance/repairs on apartments/public areas. Regularly inspects buildings, grounds, and public areas to assure cleanliness/upkeep. Consults with administrator with findings. Maintains files of written records of maintenance service, equipment condition, operation manuals, inventory of tools/building equipment, maintains library consisting of pertinent data related to building, equipment, and building fixtures. Maintains clean/safe work area. Responds to all emergency calls. Is on call for coverage of the complex at least one weekend each month. Checks for such items as circuit breakers, switches, relays, and starters, connections, and filters for mechanical and electrical faults, signs of wear, dirt, or overloading. Checks for other indications of trouble. Responsible for refurbishing of apartments prior to resident occupancy. Must have knowledge regarding water and gas meter cutoffs, all apartment and fixture cutoffs, sewer cleanouts and conspicuous postings of a map of the same.

Bud Cogar, Maintenance

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